With the fierce competition in the DSLR Cameras segment, many retailers such as Amazon, BestBuy, Walmart and Costco are offering great discounts. The Nikon D3400 is the new go to camera in the entry level DSLR segment. With the Nikon D3400 bundle deals below, you can be sure to get the bang for your buck.

Best Nikon D3400 Bundle Deals

Depending on the type of accessories you need, some Nikon D3400 package deals will have different prices. Below are the best deals for the nikon D3400 bundle. 

nikon d3400 amazon bundle deal
25% Off This Nikon D3400 Bundle  #1 (2 lenses bundle)     Activate Discount

Includes: Nikon D3400 Body, 18-55mm VR & 70-300mm DX AF-P Lenses, Backpack Case (Black/Silver), Transcend 32GB Memory Card, Spare EN-EL14a Battery for Nikon, Battery Charger, 12″ Flexible DSLR Camera Tripod (Red/Black), Vivitar 55mm & 58 UV Glass Filter, 3 Color Diffuser Filter Set for Pop-Up, 6-Piece Camera & Lens Cleaning Kit, PD 8 SD / 2 MicroSD Memory Card Case, Universal LCD Screen Protectors, ImageRecall Digital Image Recovery Software

nikon d3400 amazon bundle deal
15% Off This Nikon D3400 Bundle  #2 (1 lens bundle)     Activate Discount

Includes: The D3400 DSLR Camera with 18-55mm AF-P DX Lens (Black), 2 Rechargable Li-Ion Batteries, home and car External Charger, two 32GB Micro SD Memory Card,  55mm 3 Piece Filter Set (UV, CPL, FL), 52mm +1 +2 +4 +10 Close-Up Macro Filter Set with Pouch, Wireless Remote Shutter Release, SD/microSD Memory Card Reader, Full Size 59″ Tripod with Travel Bag, 6″ HDMI to Mini HDMI Cable, Spacious Carrying Case, Memory Card Wallet, 5 piece Lens Cleaning Kit, Digital Slave Flash, Lens Cap Keeper, LCD Screen Protectors, Lens Pen Cleaner

nikon d3400 amazon bundle deal
14% Off This Nikon D3400 Bundle  #3 (2 lens bundle)     Activate Discount

Includes: Nikon D3400 DSLR Camera with AF-P 18-55mm and 55-300 Lens (Black), 1 Lithium Ion Replacement Rechargeable Battery, External Rapid Quick, Travel Charger w/ Car Charger Attachment, Sony 64GB Memory Card, 55mm 3 Piece Filter Kit, 58mm 0.45x Wide Angle Lens, 58mm 2x Lens, 55-58mm Stepping Ring, 6 Foot High Performance Mini HDMI Cable, Padded Carrying Case (Protect Your Investment!), Wireless Universal Shutter Release Remote, Memory Card Wallet, USB SDHC Card Reader, SLR/DSLR Pro Hand Camera Grip

The Typical Nikon D3400 Bundle Accessories

nikon d3400 bundle deals

When you buy a camera bundle, you save yourself a lot of money and time. The Nikon D3400 bundle come with the best accessories so you can start shooting in multiple situations instantly. It saves you the hassle of shopping around for tripods, lens filters and so on. Below are the most common accessories you will find in a D3400 bundle.

Tripods: The tripod is one of the most popular accessories in photography. It helps stabilize the image and allows you to even take photos of yourself.

Lenses: This is the most important accessory of all. With DSLR you can change the lens and thus choose the right lens for your particular setting. Some Nikon D3400 bundle deals come with one, two or three lens at the time. Also learning about the different type of lenses will help you take much better pictures.

UV Filters: Most photographers leave UV filters permanently on their lenses. As the name stand, they are mostly suited when you have a lot of UV light and your videos and picture are blurry. The best advice for you will be to try for yourself and see what you like best.

Camera Bag/Case: Have a camera is a must. Carrying your camera around in your backpack is not the best option. A camera bag will hold your gear perfectly in place so you don’t forget or lose anything.

Backup Battery: Taking pictures consume a lot of energy. Even though the lithium battery from the manufacturer are durable and of good quality, having extra batteries is a must. Professional photographer carries at least 3 spare batteries when going out to shoot a major event. A rapid battery charger can also come handy.

Shutter Release Remote: Being about to include yourself in your pictures might be something you are looking forward to. Have this remote will allow you to do just that. Set the camera to your desired position and use the shutter release remote to trigger the picture from a distance.

More About The Nikon D3400 DSLR Camera

The Nikon D3400 is a slightly improve version of the Nikon D3300 DSLR. It’s designed for the beginner photographer who is ready to step up from taking pictures with their cellphone to more professional and advanced photography.

The main features of the Nikon D3400 include:

  • 24MP APS-C CMOS sensor
  • 11-point phase detect auto-focus system
  • 1080/60p video capability
  • Fixed 3″ 920k-dot LCD screen
  • 5/fps burst shooting
  • Bluetooth LE for image transfer

You can read the full review of the Nikon D3400 here.

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